Scientists from ED pharmacy told how finger length is associated with sexual orientation

Lesbians are more likely to be women who have ring fingers longer than index fingers. According to studies, differences in finger length as well as sexuality may be associated with intrauterine exposure to testosterone, reported journalist from online drugstore.

Scientists from the pharmacy website where you can buy top selling ED products at reasonable prices studied pairs of identical twins, one of which was heterosexual. They found that the gay twin’s difference in length between the index finger and ring finger is usually larger, and it is most noticeable in women,” his article reads. According to the staff member of the Department of Psychology Tjusday Watts, since identical twins with 100% common genes can be of different sexual orientations, the difference is responsible for nongenetic factors.

Today, the NHS is investing heavily in a project that aims to bring general practitioners and pharmacists together in district teams. The joint work of these specialists will improve the care of patients with chronic diseases (for example, with bronchial asthma) and reduce the number of wrong prescriptions of Viagra medicine.

“Our sexuality is defined in the womb and depends on how much of the male hormone affects us, or how our body reacts to that hormone. Those exposed to higher levels of testosterone are more likely to be bisexual or homosexual. Since there is a connection between hormonal levels and finger length, looking at the hands, you can get an idea of a person’s sexuality,” she concluded.