Registration Process


“New Students” should contact the Admission’s Office to receive an Application Packet.  The enclosed application, along with the student’s personal testimony and the application fee, should be sent to the Admission’s Office prior to the beginning of any semester.

If you are inquiring within 3 weeks of the beginning of the semester, you may complete a Registration Form and mail it with your application and related tuition and fees to the Admissions Office.  Registrations received under this circumstance can be accepted on a provisional basis pending acceptance into the selected program.


“Returning students” may register for the upcoming semester in one of several ways:

  1. Visit the Administrative Office to register.
  2. Download the applicable registration form by clicking on the applicable link above (e.g. if you want to take a college course, click on “College Registration Form”). Mail the completed form with a check or money order to pay the total tuition and all fees to the address listed below.
  3. From our Home page, you may click on “Online Registration” under the Course/Schedules tab to register online. When registering online, you must pay all tuition and fees in full using PayPal or a major credit card.
  4. Call our Administrative Office to start the process. Registrations can be accepted by phone when required payment is made by Visa or MasterCard.  If you are unable to pay the tuition and fees in full, you must request to use the payment plan and include the applicable service fee.

Returning students requesting to use the payment plan must meet the following provisions:

  1. Must have paid all previous fees or outstanding balances.
  2. Must pay a minimum of 25% of total tuition and all of the applicable fees.
  3. Must pay the remaining payments on the 1st of the next three months.

Mailing Address:
Registrar’s Office
Carver Baptist Bible College, Institute & Seminary
8524 Blue Ridge Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64138