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One of the benefits of buying medications in online pharmacies is saving time. Visiting various pharmacies in searches for the right drug at an affordable price takes a lot of time and effort. But, you don’t need to waste it because the ordering process online lasts only 10-15 minutes. Moreover, sometimes it’s really hard to find some specific medication in local pharmacies, but it can be ordered online and delivered to your home in hours.

Albers Medical Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.3)
4400 Broadway Blvd #106, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States | (816) 931-0100 |

My rating applies specifically to the pharmacy at this location. The pharmacy at this location needs work. They frequently are unable to fulfill prescriptions, either due to lack of staffing or the lack of inventory. Moreover, the staff that is usually there are often overwhelmed and overworked (I can tell as I manage a very large team of people). Worse still, I went to fulfill a prescription today and was horrified to find several of the staff coughing into their sleeves and not wearing health masks. I do realize they come in contact with the general public (and so it is inevitable that they catch something). However, speaking as a vaccine nonresponder, I would appreciate them wearing a mask to prevent further spread of whatever they’re infected with to others.

I have had very few problems with this Albers Medical Pharmacy, and it has been my go-to place for some time now, maybe five years. The staff knows who I am when I come in, and for the most part, my scripts are ready. I also don’t just show up to pick them up; I receive a text msg when ready, so this works very well for me. I can buy a few small items and pay by pharmacy as well. My negatives: I did once get a smirk or dirty look upon picking up a medication that apparently the pharmacy Tech, a middle-aged Indian woman, did not agree with, which I found unprofessional. This would require further training. People need medications and do not need judgments from staff who are paid to serve them.

Spalitto Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.8)
3801 Independence Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124, United States | (816) 231-4717 |

The best, hidden pharmacy that exists. This Spalitto Pharmacy location is inside of a space that’s shared by a bev mo! It’s certainly smaller than pretty much any location I’ve ever visited, but all of the vitals are carried at this location, including chips, snacks, and food. A top pharmacist runs the pharmacy, and Jose, the pharmacy staff, is on the ball and incredible. No store could have better employees than those found within the pharmacy. Top-notch. Quiet area, with rarely even another customer in the pharmacy at the same time. The quiet factor makes this location a great secret.

Well, I am standing here at the pharmacy waiting for it to open. It’s now 9:05 am and still waiting. The line is all the way to the food court. With them closing to retires, you would figure that they would has some consideration and open early or at least on time.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.2)
3915 S Noland Rd, Independence, MO 64055, United States | (816) 254-8748 |

I truly had a wonderful experience from beginning to end! The pharmacist, Kurt Barry, Thoroughly explained the medication and shot. He made sure I understood everything and that I was ok after. Very impressed! Thank you ViaQX Pharmacy!

Thank you, Catherine, for taking the time to get my order right. What a great person and worker. Friday nights before Christmas is no time to be undermanned (my opinion, I’m sure the bean counters will disagree), but you handled the long line well and even kept a great attitude and smile. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks again!

Rockhill Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.0)
4240 SW Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States | (816) 839-6547 |

I normally don’t review Rockhill Pharmacy locations. But this is one of the best! I come from across town just to fill here because they are so fantastic! Everyone in the pharmacy is great, and I think very highly of them all. They work hard and long hours to boot. They always have what I need and when I need it and with a smile at that. Jackie, Stephine, and Barret are great and will get you fixed up fast. The newer people I’m not too sure about, but I’ll have to say they must still be learning, so give some grace. We like this store and the friendly people.

Went for our 2nd covid shot. Had a blond lady in there no mask and no social distancing. And saying it’s not good to breathe with your mask on. I was very disappointed. We saw a bottle of hand sanitizer for 8$. Glad we do not have to go back.