Program Information


The College and Seminary offer a number of levels of study:

Master of Christian Ministry (M.C.M.) – Seminary program of 36 hours designed to prepare students for practical areas of ministry, such as local church ministry, evangelism, church planting, Christian education, and Christian leadership. It equips students with skills in leadership, communication, and counseling. As well, the program gives assessment tools to relate to particular ministry contexts.

Bachelor of Arts – College program of 128 hours with an emphasis on the Greek language. Concentrations are available in the following disciplines: Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Missions, Pulpit Ministries, & Urban Ministries.

Bachelor of Science – College program of 128 hours (for those who don’t desire Greek) and with the same selection of concentrations available.

Associate of Arts – College program of 64 hours in Biblical Studies which can later be applied to fulfill the requirements of either the BA or BS degree.

Institute Level of Study:

Certificate Level – classroom studies which emphasize Christian training and personal enrichment from the Word of God. These are offered in both morning and evening sessions.